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Who else wants to transform their body in the next 7 days?
Hey, my name is Chris, and I want to start by congratulating you. You have just taken action by downloading the free guide for women who want to tone up and get fit. 

The fact that you downloaded the free guide tells me that...
  • You want to tone up
  • You would like drop a few pounds
  • You would like more energy
Is that fair to say? There may be other reasons, but I know they are some of the most common.

If thats the case, then I have a solution for you. One that has already helped hundreds of other Surrey women just like you. In fact you can see two of them below.
If you are serious about losing weight, toning up, having more energy, improving your mood, and just generally being awesome, then you have to take control of your nutrition.

80% of your results are based on what you eat and drink...80%!!!

At Pursuit Fitness we give all our clients a meal plan, a step by step to what they should be eating to ensure that they reach their weight loss goal.

What I have done is taken the first 7 days of our 21 day body transformation guide for women and decided to give you the opportunity to grab it and start your journey right away.

The full guide is only available to our clients, it can't be bought seperately. And this is your chance to get a part of it.

"They Are All Above And Beyond!"

I highly recommend PFT! I have had a few trainers over the years, but never better than these guys. Antony and Steve are so professional, and they really know what they are doing, I always feel great after my session. Chris Wright is so motivated and dedicated and it really inspires me. They are all above and beyond!

Lauri O'Brien

It doesn't matter where you are starting from
Whether you have 6lbs to lose or 6 stone (or more) it doesn't matter. The principles are the same.

So let me ask you this, do you have a few pounds to lose, or unwanted body fat?

Do you have areas of your body that you would like to get rid of the fat from? Stomach, arms, thighs?

Do you suffer from a lack of energy?

If you answered yes, to any or all of those questions, then I know you will need to look at your nutrition. How do I know? Because we have helped hundreds of women get their bodies back.

And now its your turn. By using this meal plan, you too will be able to get results like Lauri did. You too could lose inches all over, flatten your stomach, have WAY more energy.
80% Of Your Results Is Down To Your Nutrition

I know that may sound like an odd thing for a personal training company to say, but its true. What you eat and drink will account for a HUGE amount of your success on any weight loss programme.

Line was one the busiest women I have ever met. Yet with the guidance and the same principles you will get in the 7 day meal plan, she has dropped several inches from her waist, got some fantastic definition in her arms, and has more energy.

I told you :-) this is what we do. We help women get their energy and their bodies back.

Now its your turn!

"I feel IMPORTANT when I am with my Pursuit family."

Overall I am on a mission to look better, feel better and slow down the aging process.  Now, I am much more flexible, I have become a morning person, I can say no to foods/drinks that I know (through education and experience) is simply going to make me feel bad (headaches, gas, etc.).  I CAN lose weight, I CAN lose inches, I CAN feel healthy! And number one – I CAN stick to a plan that will benefit me and results in long-term lifestyle changes.

This is the best money I have ever spent!  For the first time in my life (and I have tried most things including personal trainers, gyms, Cambridge diets, etc) I love to work out and actually enjoy knowing I am doing something that is boosting my confidence and making me feel amazing!  I actually look forward to my sessions – even after 11 months!! Might sound strange, but I feel IMPORTANT when I am with my Pursuit family.

Shareen Campbell

What is in the guide?
Everything you need to take control over your nutrition and get results straight away. No more guesswork!
  • All your meals planned for you - 7 days of breakfast's, lunches, dinners and snacks planned out for you. All keeping you on a 1600 calorie budget (you don't count the calories, you just follow the plan).
  • Recipes - Easy to follow recipes, so that you can easily make each and every meal.
  • Shopping lists - In order to make your meals, you have to know what to go and buy, so I have included your shopping list for the week as well.
Stop Thinking About It & Start Taking Action
Why put off taking your health, fitness, and body to the next level?

I see so many people who think about getting fit and healthy, people who think about eating better, people who think about being more active, but they NEVER TAKE ACTION!

They never actually take the next step of actually implementing a plan to help them achieve their goals. Do not let that be you. I want you to be successful.

So I am offering you this 7 day guide for just £7 +vat. 

Thats £1 per day for a week, to ensure your success for losing weight, toning up, and having more energy.
Is your health and wellness worth £7?

If so, just click here and you can purchase the guide right now.

Still sitting on the fence?
Here are a few questions that people have when they are not 100% sure if the plan is for them.

Q. Why Are You Offering This For Just £7? I mean...thats so cheap!

1. £7 puts this information within reach of everyone. That means I can help more people.

2. It weeds out the people who aren't serious. If someone isn't willing to spend £7 on changing their life, then I know they aren't serious about changing at all.

Also, I believe that once you experience the results in just 7 days. Results that you may have not been able to achieve before, you will want more, and maybe... just maybe... you'll come back and potentially buy other things that we offer, perhaps even invest in coaching with us.

But thats it... no fine print, no "hidden trials". Just the information and more importantly the RESULTS that you want. 

You can grab the first 7 days our women's body transformation programme for just £7+vat. Don't put a delay on your health any longer.

Q. How long will it take for me to get the plan?
Immediately. It is a digital product that we send to you as soon as you have purchased it.

Q. I am a vegetarian, will this suit me?
We have included vegetarian options for each and every meal and snack, so yes this will great for you too.

Q. What happens after the 7 days?
Well thats totally up to you. You can decide to go back to your old habits of eating, which have led you to where you are now, or you could continue on the 7 day plan and get great results. Just because its only the first 7 days doesn't mean you can't just re-use those recipes :-) 

Ready to start? Just scroll down a little bit more and you can grab the guide.
Grab Your 7 Day Body Transformation Meal Plan
Now For Only £7 - LIMITED TIME!
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just £7, you're getting 7 days of our 21 day body transformation meal plan (that can't be bought separately). It includes meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists, and will have you losing weight in the next 7 days.
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